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hey there

I'm "back" and actually I'm not 100% back since I'm into tumblr lately (as usual) and I'm starting college next monday! I am really excited not nervous at all! its just a fresh start a new begining and hopefully new friends my vacations went unbelievable well, I actually made a wonderful post when i came back, a long ass post that lj DELETED since those were the days when this wasn't working or stopped working i'm not quite sure, and since im super lazy I won't really write that again, I'd rather make some graphics tbh. I changed my tumblr layout and it looks very casablanca :) I'm also working on some classic hollywood meme, and I'll change the layout here soon. SORRY FOR BEING A SHITTY LJ FRIEND, LOVE YOU ALL.

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I feel like crap

To be honest I don't even know how I feel, I've cried nonstop for the last hour, Elizabeth Taylor means so much to me, especially me. I feel like my mother died, my world is falling appart, I knew this was gonna happen someday but not this soon, my mother woke me up this morning with this terrible news. Elizabeth Taylor is my role model, she was such a beautiful human being inside & outside. I feel like is this even real? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING. Im so fucking depressed, this gif is making me even more sad. At least she isn't in pain? and she's probably with Richard in heaven.